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ATF – Summer 2020

Dear companions in the Lord,

The ATF-Team proudly presents the flyer for our Migrants’ Project “At the frontiers” in summer 2020. Thanks to Eleonora from CLC Italy and to the whole team for all the work they have already done and that they are going to do in summer.

As attachment you find the flyer for the camps this summer and the call for donations for the money that is needed to finance the camps. Please give the information to your members – especially to young adults but also to experienced CLC members who could serve as a guide. Thanks !

Kasia who is in charge for the contact with the ATF exchanged many mails with the team and we also had several skypes with Eleonora. We talked about the promotion of the camp and we would like to suggest you some very concrete initiatives:

  1. As the CLC World-Day is approaching, it might be a good idea to present the project (and the flyer) at your gatherings, “parties” or whatever initiative you are planning to celebrate the World day. You find information on the facebook page.
  1. We know that you already received the call for donations. We just attach it again – in case you want to send it to some members with the flyer. It could also be an idea to ask for donations for this project at a gathering for the World CLC day…
  1. It would be much easier for the team and its leaders to have a contact person in each country who could be responsible for the promotion and be first contact for young people who are interested. It could be the Eurolink, somebody from your Migration Network, the president, the secretary or any other person from your community. You may feel free to ask any member of your community who might feel called to this service. Thus, the contact is much easier for the ATF-Team to contact the National communities. Please send us the name of the person and his/her email.


In union of prayer!

ATF Summer 2020

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